By training you to use Zen koans (See FAQ page for “What is a koan?”), Laughing Buddha Zen (LBZ) helps you follow your deepest intuitions about what to do in any situation. The result is a new sense of freedom in dealing with difficult decisions. Even if you are not Buddhist – or reject religion altogether –  koans can be used to free yourself from excessive self-criticism, allowing you to access your own unique creativity

LBZ uses relaxed forms of the Zen tradition. We do not require a commitment to that tradition or to the Koan Practice Trainer. The Trainer acts as a facilitator in a peer process in which the koan itself does the training.

Training is offered in two formats – private sessions for individuals or small-group collaborative sessions (see the ABOUT page for Koan Training Options). The small-group setting encourages collaborative discussions in a supportive atmosphere. Both humor and the honest expression of current personal challenges are welcomed. (See FAQ page for “What is a typical small group session like?”)

The training is free, offered by the Trainer to repay the kindness of his teachers.