By training you to use Zen koans, Laughing Buddha Zen (LBZ) helps you follow your deepest intuitions of what to do in any situation. (See FAQ page for “What is a koan?”). The result is a new sense of freedom in dealing with difficult decisions. Even if you are not Buddhist – or reject religion altogether –  koans can be used to free yourself from excessive self-criticism, allowing you to access your own unique creativity

LBZ uses relaxed forms of the Zen tradition. We do not require a commitment to that tradition or to the Koan Practice Trainer. The Trainer acts as a facilitator in a peer process in which the koan itself does the training.

Training is offered in two formats – private sessions for individuals or small-group collaborative sessions (see the ABOUT page for Koan Training Options). Both forms of  training focus on using koans to deal with the challenges we face in our personal lives.The small-group setting is used to encourage intimate discussions in a supportive atmosphere. Both humor and the honest expression of current personal challenges are welcomed. (See FAQ page for “What is a typical small group session like?”) PLEASE NOTE: WEEKLY SMALL-GROUP MEETINGS ARE CURRENTLY ON SUMMER BREAK UNTIL MID-AUGUST (individual training still available by arrangement. See Contact page.)

The training is free, offered by the Trainer to repay the kindness of his teachers.